Black Lines

by Phrygian Gates

Phrygian Gates emerges in 2005 thanks to the guitarist and music producer Samuel Axelsson, seen in the beginning only as a side project for some of his members’ actual groups.

Samuel A. lives currently in Orebro (Sweden) with his wife and son where he works as a music-guitar teacher and photographer. His long distance relationship with Spain never represented an obstacle to his project becoming a reality as the passion overcame that distance.

Between 2005 and 2006 Samuel starts working on some music with which he first experiments with his group but due to problems inside the formation they would never reach the studio. It is only then that he decides to get in touch with his own brother Juan A. who lives back in Spain to ask him to record the drums. Having played previously together for many years it was only as part of the metal group Of Dream and Drama that they started sharing a big musical connection. Since the on they tried to create and play music together as often as possible. 

Samuel A. is a very determined and talented guitarist who always knows right away what he wants though he gives plenty of space to other musicians when it comes to their creativity and improvisation.

Juan A. is a drummer and lives and works in Merida, their hometown back in Spain. He is also a music & drum professor and writes articles as a freelance journalist for different music magazines as well as being part of several music projects. 

The main idea for them was to create music together that they could identify themselves with, mixing different styles that come from those groups and music they have been influenced by all along their musical careers. This ranges from instrumental to fusion, going through metal and progressive rock. 


Juan G. Sanchez