Winter is here by Samuel E. Jiménez Sanabria

Waiting for the swedish winter is really not a good idea. You never know when or how is coming. Early, late, cold or warm. This year there was no winter until a week ago. If you leave up north, then it's another story... If you leave where most of the population leaves, winters are unsure...

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Ferrania to produce film for motion film and photography! by Samuel E. Jiménez Sanabria

We are FILM Ferrania and we are in the process of building a new kind of analog film factory in northern Italy. To be viable for the long-term, this factory must be self-contained - producing finished still photo and motion picture products from nothing more than raw materials.

We have a plan to make this happen, but we need your help to get over a pretty serious obstacle.

We have set up our new operations in the former Ferrania Research & Development (L.R.F.) building, which contains a miniature film production line. Our team has been working for more than a year to refurbish and re-engineer this building to prepare it to start. We can make film from this facility, but only a small amount - at a high cost.

We have created an ambitious new factory design that will allow us to produce enough film, at a reasonable price, to meet worldwide demand. We have already rescued tons of equipment (quite literally) from the old Ferrania buildings - but we need more and we are out of time. The buildings will be destroyed at the end of this year.